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  • Burglaries increase during the winter months

    Burglaries increase during the winter months

    If you come home to a dark house then it’s a clear indication that no ones home and crime figures support the fact that burglaries increase during the winter months.  Following some sensible steps can help reduce the chance of your home being targeted, whilst homes with no security measures …
  • CCTV Camera guide for homes and business

    CCTV Camera guide for homes and business

    ACS Alarms has been installing CCTV systems throughout Teesside since 2002, most of the early installations were at industrial sites and shops, that needed to actively collect evidence of theft or vandalism. CCTV equipment and installation costs were relatively high at the time, cameras needed to be hardwired to both …
  • Hi-tech home security

    Hi-tech home security

    Are you ready for robots in your home? At ACS Alarms we like our tech and we’ve been looking at some of the options available now and in the near future that will help us protect your home. If you want to know more about installing a hi-tech security system …
  • Neighbourhood Alert

    Neighbourhood Alert

    Protecting your home and business from crime is as much about being aware of the types of danger that might affect you as the physical devices you employ to protect your premises. In this article written by the team at ACS Alarms, we are going to look at Neighbourhood Alert …

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**Prevent car crime with a biscuit tin!**

Cars with keyless entry systems are becoming more common and whilst they are convenient they can also leave you wide open to car crime; not only can thieves use signal amplifying devices to enter your car and search for valuables they can drive off in it too!

Luckily it is relatively simple to ensure you are not a victim of car crime if you have a keyless entry system. Put your keys in the biscuit tin! Seriously a biscuit tin or any similar metal container will work, the metal blocks the signal and even sophisticated signal amplifiers won’t be able to penetrate the tin.

Don’t have a biscuit tin? Your fridge and microwave will do the same job, just be careful not to turn the microwave on with your keys inside!

Don’t fancy either of those? The last tip is kitchen foil, just wrap your keys up and job done!

If you have a friend who has a keyless entry car why not share with them or tag them in the comments, and now you have an excuse to eat those biscuits leftover from Christmas!

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